Evolution and Human Adaptation Program
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Lecture series recorded by world's leading authorities...


The Evolution and Human Adaptation Program supports work by faculty and students at the University of Michigan in the area of evolution and human behavior, including work relevant to Darwinian medicine.

The program organizes a series of seminars throughout the academic year, and provide contacts for students to get advice, support and sometimes research money to pursue work in this area.

The program does not offer a degree, so prospective students should apply through specific departments. The departments of Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychiatry and Biology are the most involved in the program.

For more information, please contact Randolph Nesse:
nesse(insert @ here)umich.edu

What does it mean to be a modern human?

This year’s EHAP lecture series , organized by Maureen Devlin, from the Department of Anthropology. will examine this question from a broad array of perspectives, including paleontology, morphology, life history and reproduction, genetics, metabolism and disease.

The series will be Winter Term on Tuesdays at 4 pm in East Hall 4448, starting January 2014.

In conjunction with the seminar, there will be an undergraduate seminar, Anthrbio 469, Topics in Bio Anth, topic: Evolution and Human Adaptation, capped at 20 students, that will meet from 3-4 for discussion and then attend the seminar from 4-6 (or whenever it ends).

For more information, check back here, or sign up for email updates by sending a brief note to EHAP@umich.edu

To join the EHAP list for weekly updates, send a note to EHAP@umich.edu

The Human Behavior and Evolution Society was founded at the University of Michigan on October 29th, 1988.

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