University of Michigan Institute for Social Research
                Research Center for Group Dynamics


Sean Joe

Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, ISR;
Associate Professor of Social Work;
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Medical School

Sean Joe
5057 ISR
426 Thompson Street
Phone: 734-764-5162

Current research interestsí focuses on the role of religion in black suicidal behavior, salivary biomarker discovery for adolescent suicidal behavior, and developing a father focused family-based interventions to prevent urban African-American adolescent males from engaging in multiple forms of self-destructive behaviors, including suicidal behavior. Dr. Joe is the Director of the Emerging Scholars Interdisciplinary Network (ESIN) and co-chairs ESINís Research study Group on African- American Suicide. He also has significant interest in theoretical and methodological issues related to community level intervention research to address disparities, healthy masculinity, and positive youth development.