University of Michigan Institute for Social Research
                Research Center for Group Dynamics


Randolph Nesse

Research Professor, Research Center for Group Dynamics, ISR;
Survey Research Center Professor, Psychiatry Department, LSA

Randolph Nesse
6136 ISR
426 Thompson Street
Phone: 734-647-7340

Research focuses on the evolutionary origins and functions of the emotions, especially low mood and anxiety. He is involved in a major study of bereavement, and an attempt to understand how mood helps to regulate choice of goals, and how and why depression arises when people pursue goals they cannot reach. He has a background and continuing interest in the neuroendocrinology of stress and the life circumstances that arouse stress. He has helped to develop the field of Darwinian medicine, and to organize the Evolution and Human Adaptation Program at the University of Michigan. He teaches courses on evolution and psychiatry and a weekly seminar on interviewing.