University of Michigan Institute for Social Research
                Research Center for Group Dynamics


Daphna Oyserman

Research Professor, Research Center for Group Dynamics, ISR;
Edwin J Thomas Collegiate Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work;
Adjunct Prof of Sociology, LSA;
Professor of Psychology

Daphna Oyserman
5240 ISR
426 Thompson Street
Phone: 734-647-7622

How do social and cultural contexts shape the sense we make of ourselves? In what ways does self-concept (the way we think about ourselves) influence how we think generally? My research focuses on the processes by which social and cultural contexts set up and afford particular ways of making sense of ones' self; create meaning; and structure perceived possibilities. Specific research includes studies of antecedents and consequences of self-concept and racial-ethnic identity. A second line of interest focuses on preventive interventions, including developing theoretical frameworks to understand the process of risk and how it can be reduced and frameworks for understanding how culture, race, place, and developmental phase influence the generalizability of interventions.