Fall 1999
Volume 5, Issue 1

Older Black Women, Health and the Black Helping Experience
Angela F. Ford

Black Women in the Labor Force
Angela James

Wealth Holding and Financial Marketplace Participation in Black America
Ngina Chiteji

Middle Class, Yet Black: A Review Essay
Mary Pattillo-McCoy

An Exploration into the Efficacy of African Americans' Job Referral Networks
Sandra Smith

Is Living in a Stepfamily Related to Positive Outcomes for African American Adolescents?
Mignon R. Moore

African American Identity in Adolescence
Daphna Oyserman & Kathy Harrison

Black Nationalism and the Call for Black Power
Andrew P. Smallwood

Differential Black/White Arrest Rates: Offending Behavior or Discretionary Justice?
Steven R. Cureton