Fall 2000
Volume 6, Issue 3

John Henryism and Blood Pressure in Black Populations: A Review of the Evidence
Sherman A. James & Peter E. Thomas

The Black Organ and Tissue Donor Shortage: A Review of the Literature
Stephen B. Thomas

Four Key Characteristics of Chemically Dependent Women
Olivia G. M. Washington

Cultural Differences in the Use of Advance Directives: A Review of the Literature
Marjorie E. Baker

Coping with Poverty: The Social Contexts of Neighborhood, Work and Family in the African American Community
Sheldon Danziger & Ann Chih Lin

Race, Kinship Care and African American Children
Jacqueline Marie Smith

A Review: The Role of Race and Culture in the Academic and Social Attainment of African American Youth
Prudence L. Carter

The Academic Pendulum and Self-Esteem of African American Males
Lena Wright Myers

Domestic Violence and African American Women in Rural Communities
Sharon E. Williams

Reconciling Race, Self-interest and Fairness: The Dilemma Inherent in American Democracy
Angela P. Cole

Issues Concerning Discrimination and Measurements of Discrimination in U.S. Labor Markets
Darrick Hamilton