Fall 2002
Volume 8, Issue 2


Labeling vs. Early Identification: The Dilemma of Mental Health Service Utilization Among Low-Income African American Children
Michael S. Spencer, Laura P. Kohn & Jewel R. Woods

Poverty and Mental Health Outcomes: Epidemiologic Comorbidity Literature Review
Julia F. Hastings

Environmental Factors, Income Inequity, and Health Disparity: Emerging Research and Policy Implications for Black Americans
Terry L. Mills & Yvonne J. Combs

A Successful Strategy for Recruitment and Retention of Black Elders in Applied Research
Galyn A. Vesey

The Culturally-Sensitive Diagnostic Interview Research Project: A Study on the Psychiatric Misdiagnosis of African American Patients
Arthur L. Whaley


Rap Music, is it Really all Bad? Why Hip-Hop Scholarship is Important
L'Heureux Lewis, Mischa E. Thompson, Aaron K. Celious & R. Khari Brown

Turning the Tables on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Hip Hop as a Tool for Reaching African-American Adolescent Girls
Carla E. Stokes & Larry M. Gant

'You Heard My Gun Cock': Female Agency and Aggression in Contemporary Rap Music
Donna Troka

How "Bitch" Became a Good Thing-Or, at Least Less Bad
Aaron K. Celious

Whites and Rap Music: Is it Really all Bad?
Mischa E. Thompson & R. Khari Brown

Rap Music and Rap Audiences: Controversial Themes, Psychological Effects and Political Resistance
Travis L. Dixon & TaKeshia Brooks

With Volume! Hip-Hoppers and Their Responses to Social and Political Issues, Before Rap's Golden Age
Clifton Watson