Fall 2005
Volume 10, Issue 1


Interdisciplinary Solutions for Conditions Leading to African American Birth Outcome Disparities
Scott B. Ransom, Kristine Siefert, Lise Anderson, Jody Lori, Jessica McEntee, Jeanne Raisler, Cameron Schultz, Antonia M. Villarruel, and Xiao Xu

Leadership and Prenatal Health Disparities : It Takes a Village
Lynn Perry Wooten, Cameron Shultz, Briggett C. Ford, Lise Anderson, Adreanne Waller, and Scott B. Ransom

Improving African American Birth Outcomes by Understanding Information Seeking Processes
Elizabeth Yakel, Tashira Gibbs, Briggett C. Ford, Lynn Wooten, Lise Anderson, and Scott B. Ransom

Racial Disparities in Birth Outcomes: Poverty Discrimination and the Life Course of African American Women
Brigget C. Ford, Vanessa K. Dalton, Paula M. Lantz, Jody Lori, Tamiko Ortega Noll, Sarah Becker Rodseth, Scott B. Ransom, and Kristine Siefert


Implications of Black Youth Suicide for Mental Health Professionals and Future Research
Sean Joe

A Qualitive Study of Depression among Black African Immigrant Women: "It is just madness"
Earlise C. Ward, Sherrill Sellers, and David Pate

Determinants of Trust and Mistrust in Physicians Identified by African American Caregivers
Gloria J. Bonner, Carol Estwing Ferrans, Edna F. Moore-Burke, and Philip Gorelick

Using RARE for Insights into Minority Populations Living with HIV/AIDS in Florida
Graham Watts, William Livingood, Carolyn Woodhouse, Chirstopher H. Bates, Dawn Goodridge Carney, and Deidre Kelley

Black Church Culture and Programs: Implications for Faith-Based Policy and Social Service Delivery
Valerie L. Myers

The Rise of DuBoisian Studies in the American Academy: Implications for 21st Century Scholarship on Race
Larry L. Rowley

Cumulative Disadvantage Theory and Contingent Work: Race and Gender Comparisons
Gloria Jones Johnson and W. Roy Johnson

The Great Hope Of Academic Mentor Programs: The Unfulfilled Promise
Buffy Smith

A Literature Review: Outcome Measures of African American Adolescent Mothers
Afua Ottie Arhin