Spring 2008
Volume 10, Issue 1


The Symbolic Annihilation of Race: A Review of the "Blackness" Literature
Robin R. Means Coleman and Emily Chivers Yochim

Under-representation of African American Students in Gifted Education Programs: Implications for Sustainability in Gifted Classes
Dorothy M. Singleton, Jonathan Livingston, Dorothy Hines, and Helen Jones

Mary McLeod Bethune's Research Agenda: Thought Translated to Work
Stephanie Y. Evans

Theological Orientations within the African American Protestant Church and Their Relationship to Racial Identity
Sheretta T. Butler-Barnes, Pamela P. Martin, Sigrid J. Dixon, and Simone T. Robinson


Applying Stress-Related Growth Concepts to the Caregiving Process among African Americans
T.J. McCallum and Sarah Yarry

A Call for Support: Review of Informal Social Supports among African American Grandmother Caregivers
Gaynell Marie Simpson


A Commentary on Community Violence Exposure and HIV Risk Behaviors among African American Adolescents
Dexter R. Voisin and Vincent Guilamo-Ramos

Perceptions of Physicians in Medicaid Managed Care Practices regarding Working with African American and Latino Patients
Llewellyn J. Cornelius, Kieva A. Bankins, and Stephanie D. Brown


Spiritual Beliefs and Illness Management among Older African American Men
Idethia Shevon Harvey

Health Promotion Activities in Six African American Churches in a Southeastern Community
Cheryl Waites and Diana M. Urieta