Spring 1995
Volume 2, Issue 1

Robert Joseph Taylor

African American Mental Health: Persisting Questions and Paradoxal Findings
David R. Williams

Mortality Outlook: An Overview of African American Health
Chiquita A. Collins

Socio-Economic Status of Older Black Americans: Education, Income, Poverty, Political Participation, and Religious Involvement
Robert Joseph Taylor & Shirley A. Lockery

Family and Church Support Among African American Family Caregivers of Frail Elders
Brenda F. McGadney

Economic Status of Older African American Women: Implications for Social Security Reform 
Regina O' Grady-LeShane

African Americans and Disadvantage in the U.S. Labor Market
Cedric Herring

When a Welfare Program is Terminated: A Study of What Happened to Michigan's General Assistance Recipients

Sandra K. Danziger & Sherrie A. Kossoudji

Comparative Research on Adolescent Childbearing: Understanding Race Differences 
Julia Henly

Paternal Identity Among Urban Adolescent Males
Waldo E. Johnson

Parental Practices, Parental Occupation and Children's Aggression
Andrew L. Reaves

MASSI: A Framework for Achievement Through Diversity
Jennifer Moy West & Jacqueline F. Brown