Spring 1997
Volume 3, Issue 2

Sex Role Identity and Depressive Symptoms Among African American Men
Diane R. Brown

Marital Strain and Depressive Symptoms Among African Americans
Verna M. Keith & Romney S. Norwood

Mate Availability and Marriage Among African Americans
K. Jill Kiecolt & Mark A. Fossett

Underemployment and Household Livelihood Strategies Among African Americans
Gloria Jones Johnson

Black American Adolescent Sexual Activity Pattern: Abstainers, Mothers and Those in Between
Velma McBride Murry

The Structure and Outcomes of Caregiving to Elderly Blacks: A Research Agenda
Peggye Dilworth-Anderson

Same-Race Adoption Among African Americans: A Ten-Year Empirical Review
Leslie Doty Hollingsworth

The Relevance of Paternalism in Pretrial Adjudication Among Incarcerated African American Women
Sean Berberian & Garry L. Rolison

Spirituality and Religiosity in the Lives of Black Women
Jacqueline S. Mattis

Re-Articulation of Black Female Community Leadership: Processes, Networks, and A Culture of Resistance
Beverlyn Lundy Allen

Race and Gender in Group Research
Mary B. McRae & Debra A. Noumair