Spring 1998
Volume 4, Issue 1

African American English Research: Review and Future Directions
Julia Washington

Parenting and Parent-Child Interactions in African American Families: A Synopsis
Melvin N. Wilson

Stress, Informal Social Support, and Mental Health Among Low-Income African American Mothers
Karen D. Lincoln

Marital Disruption and Marital Control Among Black Americans
Charlea T. McNeal

Early Coital Behavior and Substance Use Among African American Female Adolescents
Joyce West Stevens

Campus Climate, Gender, and Achievement of African American College Students
James Earl Davis

On Prison: America's Increasingly Peculiar Institution
Geoffrey K. Ward

Consequences of Skin Tone Bias for African Americans: Resource Attainment and Psychological/Social Functioning
Kendrick T. Brown

The Media, Group Identity, and Self-Esteem Among African Americans: A Program of Research
Richard L. Allen

Caribbean Immigrants and the Sociology of Race and  Ethnicity: Limits of the Assimilation Perspective
Regine Ostine

Sex Role Identity and Depressive Symptoms Among African American Men
Diane R. Brown, Karl C. McGregor & Lawrence E. Gary

Religious Involvement Among African Americans
Linda M. Chatters & Robert Joseph Taylor

Religion, Health and Well-Being Among African Americans
Christopher G. Ellison

Support Systems of African American Family Caregivers of Elders with Dementing Illness
Letha Chadiha, Nancy Morrow-Howell, Osei K. Darkwa & Marla Berg-Weger

Conceptual Issues and Analytic Strategies for Studying Cognition in Older African Americans 
Keith E. Whitfield & Sherry Willis

A Review of Home Remedy Use Among African Americans
Stephanie D. Taylor, Eddie L. Boyd & Leslie A. Shimp