Spring/Summer 2000
Volume 6, Issue 2

Critical Demography and Racism: The Case of African Americans
Hayward Derrick Horton

The Conceptualization and Measurement of Race: Confusion and Beyond
Ron Carmichael Manuel

Political Freedom and the Widening of Group Consciousness among Middle and Lower Class Black Americans
R. Khari Brown

Peer Support and the Academic Outcomes of African-American  Adolescents: A Review
Erika D. Taylor

Research on Lesbian and Gay Populations Within the African American Community: What Have We Learned?
Juan Battle & Michael Bennett

Patient Satisfaction and African American Women: A Missing Link in Health Services Research
Valire Carr Copeland & Sarah Hudson Scholle


Intergenerational Households Maintained by African American Grandmothers: New Roles and Challenges for the 21st Century
Dorothy Smith Ruiz

Non-Family Caregivers of the African American Elderly: Research Needs and Issues
Robin J. Miller, Suzanne M. Randolph, Carole Kaufman, Valerie W. Dargan, & David H. Banks

Theoretical Explanations of Differences in Community-Based Long-Term Care Use between Black and White Elders
Van H. Luong

Depression, Mental Health and Psychosocial Well-being Among Older African Americans: A Selective Review of the Literature
Terry L. Mills

Elder Mistreatment in the African American Community
Edna A. Brown

Individual Differences, Ethnicity, and Aging: What Can Gero-genetic Studies Contribute?
Keith E. Whitfield & Dwayne Brandon