Spring/Summer 2002
Volume 8, Issue 1

Whiteness Studies: Past Research and Future Directions
Amanda E. Lewis

Issues of Black Identity: A Review of the Literature
Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck

Race Socialization in Black Families: A Selective Review of the Literature
Chreyl L. Lesane

African American Racial Identity: Theory and Application to Education, Race and Sport in America
Louis Harrison, Jr. & C. Keith Harrison

An Assessment of Wilson and Frazier's Perspectives on Race and Racial Life Chances
Steven R. Cureton

The Meaning of Race Within Health Services Research: Biologically Significant, Social/Political Label, or Composite Proxy?
Daniel L. Howard

Arthritis, Depression, and Pain: A Biobehavioral Relationship in Older African Americans
Tamara A. Baker & Keith Whitfield

Contributing Factors to African American Women Caregivers' Mental Well-being
Letha A. Chadiha & Rachel H. Fisher

African American Teenage Girls and the Construction of Black Womenhood in Mass Media and Popular Culture
Rana A. Emerson

Evie Evan's Life History: Her Sociological Sojourn from a Lifetime of Crime to a Life of Dignity
Henia D. Johnson


Reflections on Race/Ethnicity, Class and Gender Inclusive Research
Prudence Carter, Sherrill L. Sellers & Catherine Squires

Untangling Race/Gender Economic Inequality: The Case of Black Women and Men
Niki T. Dickerson

Priming "Bitch" Schemas with Violent and Gender-Oppositional Female Rap Lyrics: A Theoretical Overview of Effects on Tolerance for Aggression Against Women
Angie Coletter Beatty

African American College Students in Predominantly White Institutions of Higher Education: Considerations of Race and Gender
Tabbye M. Chavous

Race and Gender at the Crossroads: African American Females in School
Susan Frazier-Kouassi

African American Women and HIV Risk: Exploring the Effects of Gender and Social Dynamics on Behavior
Kimberly D. Hearn & Lisa R. Jackson

Gender, Ethnicity and Depression: Intersectionality and Context in Mental Health Research with African American Women
Laura P. Kohn & Kira M. Hudson