Spring/Summer 2004
Volume 10, Issue 1

Noble Principles, Ignoble Practices: Race and the U.S. Criminal Justice System
Renford Reese

From the Closet to a Place at the Table: Past, Present, and Future Assessments of Social Science Research on Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations
Juan Battle, Natalie Bennett & Todd C. Shaw

The Golden Years: African American Women and Retirement
Gillian Marshall

Social Services of African-American Congregations in the Welfare Reform Era
Stephanie C. Boddie


A Conceptual Model of Barriers to Mental Health Services among African Americans
Shawna D. Davis & Marvella E. Ford

Treatment of Depression in African American Primary Care Patients
Charlotte Brown & Deena R. Palenchar

Self-Esteem Research in Black Communities: "On the whole, I'm satisfied with myself"
Portia Adams

African Americans, Faith and Health Disparities
Leslie Swanson, Martha Crowther, Lee Green & Tony Armstrong

The Relationship between Racial Discrimination and Health for Black Americans: Measurement Challenges and the Realities of Coping
Carl V. Hill, Harold W. Neighbors & Helene D. Gayle

The Media's Role in Reducing Health Disparities
Hazel A. Seivwright & Beverly P. Lyons



Cognitive Functioning among African American Older Adults
Sheila Black

Accelerated Cognitive Aging: A Hypothesis to Account for Racial Differences
Keith E. Whitfield


African American Families who Care for Adults with Developmental Disabilities or Mental Illness: A Call for Research
Sandra Magnana

Caregiver Education and Service Utilization in African American Families Dealing with Dementia
Constance L. Coogle

Custodian African American Grandmothers: Reasons for Caregiving and Assumption of the Caregiver Role
Dorothy S. Ruiz


African-American Family Reunions: Directions for Future Research and Practice
Julie E. Miller-Cribbs

Reading Between the Lines: Black-White Heritage and Transracial Adoption
Gina E. Miranda


Ebonics and Education: A Critical Appraisal of the Post-1996 Research Literature
Garrett Albert Duncan

From Elation to Uncertainty: Preparing for the Aftermath of the Grutter v. Bollinger Decision
Denise Y. Yates & Terry L. Mills