Winter 1997
Volume 3, Issue 1

The (Mis)Diagnosis of Mental Disorder in African Americans
Harold W. Neighbors

Motivation vs. Structure: Factors in the Academic Performance of African American College Athletes
Robert Sellers & Tabbye Chavous

Hate Crimes, Stress and Bigotry in the Late Twentieth Century: Where Are We Headed?
Tony Brown

Contemporary African American Religion: What Have We Learned From the NSBA?
Christopher G. Ellison

Understanding Marital Decline Among African Americans
M. Belinda Tucker & Claudia Mitchell-Kernan

Effects of Maternal Employment on Single Black Mothers and Their Young Children: A Longitudinal Study of Current and Former Welfare Recipients
Aurora P. Jackson

Black Politics, Redistributive Urban Policy and Homelessness
Betty Brown-Chappell

The Million Man March: Portraits and Attitudes
Robert Joseph Taylor & Karen D. Lincoln

Voting Rights and the Million Man March: The Problem of Restoration of Voting Rights for Ex-Convicts
Hanes Walton, Jr. & Simone Green