Winter 2000
Volume 6, Issue 1

Guardians and Caretakers: African American Grandmothers as Primary Caregivers in Intergenerational Families
Dorothy Smith Ruiz

Review of Literature on Resiliency in Black Families: Implications for the 21st Century
Gladys J. Hildreth, Major L. Boglin & Keith Mask

The Quality of Work Life, Self-evaluation and Life Satisfaction among African Americans
Anna Riley

Ways of Coping among Low-Income Inner City Women:  The Multi-Axial Model of Coping
Essie A. Riley-Eddins, Stevan Hobfoll & Anita Jackson

The Combined Impact of Racism at Work, Non-racial Work Stress, and Financial Stress on Black Women's Psychological Well-Being
Laura M. Morgan, Ruby L. Beale, Jacqueline S. Mattis, Erica L. Stovall & Denise L. White

Domestic Work in the United States of America: Past Perspectives and Future Directions
Colwick M. Wilson & Leon C. Wilson

A Social Cognitive Approach to Studying Racial Stereotyping in the Mass Media
Travis L. Dixon

Work Notes on Communalism
Robert J. Jagers

Anything But Race: The Social Science Retreat From Racism
Melvin Thomas

Black Youth and the Mass Media: Current Research and Emerging Questions
S. Craig Watkins