Winter 2001
Volume 7, Issue 1

Note from the Editor and Program Director
Robert Joseph Taylor and James S. Jackson

New Directions in Thinking About Race in America: African Americans in a Diversifying Nation
James S. Jackson & Nicholas A. Jones


Nonresponse Adjustment in a Longitudinal Survey of African Americans
Monica L. Wolford & Myriam Torres

Strategies for Sample Attrition Analyses in the National Survey of Black Americans
Marc A. Musick, Anna M. Campbell & Christopher G. Ellison

Group-Based Resources and Political Participation among Black Americans
R. Khari Brown

Are They Truly Not Religious? A Multi-Method Analysis of the Attitudes of Religiously Noninvolved African American Women
Jacqueline S. Mattis, Robert Joseph Taylor, & Linda M. Chatters

Work Conditions and Psychological Distress among African American Women
Verna Keith & Anna Riley

Social Mobility and Psychological Distress: Differences among Black American Men and Women

Sherrill L. Sellers

Hope, Happiness, and African American Fathers: Changes between 1980 and 1992

Virgil H. Adams, III & Jessica Nelson

Exposure to All Black Contexts and Psychological Well-Being: The Benefits of Racial Concentration
Tony N. Brown

The Significance of Skin Color among African Americans and Mexican Americans
Margaret Hunter, Walter R. Allen & Edward E. Telles

The Structure of Black Americans' Attitudes Toward the Police
Thomas A. Regulus, Robert Joseph Taylor & James S. Jackson


Black Newspaper Coverage of Relations with Asian Americans and Latinos During the LA Riots
Michael Thornton

Racial Differences in Self-Reported Health among the Elderly: Biological or Social?
Ronica N. Rooks

A Content Analysis of Reasons Given by African American Adoption-Seekers Regarding Their Decision Not to Adopt
Leslie Doty Hollingsworth