Winter 2003
Volume 9, Issue 1

Literacy Skills in African American Students: The Legacy of the Achievement Gap?
Julie A. Washington

Racial Discrimination and the Physical Health of Black Americans: A Review of the Literature on Community Studies of Race and Health
Carl V. Hill, Rashid S. Njai, Harold W. Neighbors, David R. Williams & James S. Jackson

The Negative Implications of Incarceration on Black Fathers
Princess L. J. Currence & Waldo E. Johnson, Jr.

A Mountain Too High: African Americans and Employment Discrimination
Rudolph Alexander, Jr.

The New Black Conservative: Rhetoric or Reality?
Byron D'Andra Orey

Multiracial Recognition in the 2000 Census: A Personal Perspective
Ikeita Cantú Hinojosa

Organizational-Level Investments in Human Resource Management: Linking the Preferences of African American Employees to Workplace Behaviors and Feelings
Lynn Perry Wooten & Joycelyn Finley-Hervey


Searching for a Balm in Gilead: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic and the African American Church
Pamela P. Martin, Sinead Younge & Aisha Smith

The Black Church & Charitable Choice
R. Khari Brown


Generations, Regional Cohorts, and Political Participation Among African American Adults
Christopher Ellison

A Multiple Sample Comparison of Church Involvement and Black Political Participation in 1980 and 1994
R. Khari Brown, Brian D. McKenzie & Robert Joseph Taylor

Extended Family Households Among Black Americans
Robert Joseph Taylor, Linda M. Chatters & Aaron K. Celious

Health and Self-Esteem Among African Americans
Anna L. Riley

Factors Affecting Physical Activity Among Black Men and Women
Shirley A. Lockery & Denise Montcalm