Research Center for Group Dynamics


Fall 2017 Seminar Series Video Recordings

Laura S. Richman New Directions in Conceptualizing Stigma, Discrimination, and Health
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton
Individual Differences, Stigma, and Health
Elizabeth Brondolo How Does Discrimination Affect Health? Testing a Social-Cognitive Model
David H. Chae, Sc.D., M.A. Causes of Death: Mechanisms of Racial Disparities in Health
Brenda Major Why Stigmatized People Who Are Overweight is Unhealthy
Jennifer Griggs
Diane Quinn Concealing Stigma: Burden or Benefit?
Rick Gibbons
Racism and Health: Pathways to Risk and Resilience
Allison Earl Racial Disparities in Attention to HIV-Prevention Information: Causes and Consequences for Health Promotion
Sean Phelan
Weight Stigma and Ethical Care for Obesity