Research Center for Group Dynamics


Winter 2018 Seminar Series Video Recordings

David Dunning The Geography of Post-Truth World: An Introduction and Illustration
Richard Nisbett
Post-Truth in the Academy
Josh Pasek Information Processing in the 21st Century Media Environment: Is Humanity up to the Task?
Dan Kahan Science comprehension without curiosity is no virtue, and curiosity without comprehension no vice
Andrew Shtulman Conceptual and Epistemic Obstacles to Understanding Science 
Krishna Savani
Does Choice Lie in the Eyes of the Beholder? Implications of a Choice Mindset for Cognition, Emotion, Motivation, and Policy
Brian Weeks The Problem of Political Misperceptions
Philip Fernbach
The Knowledge Illusion
Allison Earl  
Peter Ditto
The Illusion of Public Reason