Teaching, Learning, and Technology Staff

Jerome Johnston. Dr. Jerome (Jere) Johnston is Senior Associate Research Scientist at the Institute for Social Research and a member of the faculty in Communication Studies at the University of Michigan. He teaches courses on instructional design and research methods. Over the last 25 years he has led major research efforts on the educational uses of media including television, computers and the Internet. He has done large-scale national evaluations of six video-and-print-based series: NIE's Freestyle, CTW's 3-2-1 Contact, K-III's Channel One, Intelecom's Crossroads Café, ALMA's TV411, and PBS' LiteracyLink. His most recent work is focusing on the appropriate role of media and the Internet and other computer-based technologies as complements to the traditional distance learning media of video and print.

His publications include books on learning from electronic media (Positive Images and Electronic Learning), and on evaluating technology's impact in educational settings (Evaluating the New Information Technologies and Assessing the Impact of Technology in Teaching and Learning: A Sourcebook for Evaluators). He has designed numerous studies on the effectiveness of educational media projects and directed two training institutes for evaluators of school-based technology innovations.

Leslie Isler Petty earned her Ed.D. from Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1984. Her primary interests are the impact of television and other media on learning and social development. Dr. Petty was on the faculty of Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) from 1984 to 1988, followed by several years working in evaluation research for private industry. Dr. Petty has been an independent contractor since 1994. She has conducted evaluations of video programs developed for community college instruction, public television programs aimed at elementary, middle and high school populations and curriculum materials designed for use in elementary schools. She has also conducted research for major corporations, including General Motors. Most recently, Dr. Petty was the testing director for formative research for TV411 and is actively involved in the testing of various products designed for adult learners.

Shannon Young has a Master's in Literacy, Language, and Learning with a focus on adult basic education from The University of Michigan. For several years both prior to and during her graduate work, she was an ABE writing instructor and tutor. Shannon has worked with Dr. Johnston and Dr. Petty since 1998, managing project work for a variety of adult education studies. She is currently focusing on assessment issues in adult literacy.

Donna Walter manages field work, data collection, data management and analyses for the program's field studies.

Debbie Bourque is secretary for Project IDEAL, managing the coordination of efforts among the states.